Who is Fertility Acupuncture For?

A healthy body makes a healthy baby. Successful embryo transfer is only step 1 of success. Step 2 is to successfully carry your baby to term. Step 3 is to have a healthy delivery with your baby positioned in the correct direction for entry into this world. 

We can assist you through every stage of your fertility journey, from trying naturally to using Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) from fertility clinics like In-vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI) or even if you are not ready to get pregnant yet but are wanting to freeze your good quality eggs. 

In one study, the IVF success rate jumped from 25% to 42% using acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer. There are also acupuncture protocols for many disorders seen during ART including thin endometrial lining, luteal phase defect, and others. For women with unexplained fertility, acupuncture can help with ovulation and attain an unassisted pregnancy.

In one clinical trial of 80 patients undergoing embryo transfer, a unique acupuncture protocol was performed both immediately before and immediately after the embryo transfer on half of the patients, while the other half had no acupuncture treatment.

The results were quite impressive, with the non-acupuncture group having a 25.5% pregnancy rate, while the acupuncture group had a 42.3% pregnancy rate.  This statistical improvement, along with the results of several other recent clinical trials, has gleaned much media attention and has sparked much interest from reproductive endocrinologists. (For more information about these studies, see Fertility and Sterility, the Journal of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.)

At Healing Elephant We Help:

Women who are trying to fall pregnant naturally. A healthy body increases the chances of a healthy baby. We’re here to help with advice on nutrition, fitness & healthy habits as well as offer an overall reproductive tune-up to get you into the most fertile version of yourself possible.  

Women who are using assisted forms of assisted reproductive therapy (ART) which are medical fertility treatments like IVF or IUI. We successfully work in conjunction with your fertility specialist to improve your chances of success. We help to correct any imbalances in your hormones and body. We strive to increase egg quantity, optimize egg quality and improve the quality of your uterus to make it an inviting bed of highly nutritious blood ready for implantation. All while keeping you as calm as humanly possible and treating any side effects of your fertility medications. Once you are pregnant we work alongside you to keep the baby, especially for the first trimester. 

Women who are looking to freeze their eggs. We help improve ovarian function & follicle development by balancing your reproductive hormone levels and improving your body functions as they relate to making eggs. The bonus of this treatment is that it leaves you to live a healthier life. When you decide to use your successfully frozen eggs, we suggest supporting your implantation by preparing your uterus three months prior. 

When should I start acupuncture treatment?

Research has shown that some treatment is better than no treatment, but acupuncture’s effectiveness increases with the number of acupuncture sessions before fertility treatment or the day you fall pregnant. Sperm and eggs both take approximately 90 days to develop.  As such, we recommend you begin acupuncture treatment at least 3 months prior and continue throughout whatever treatment you are pursuing. This amount of time helps to increase the chances that the egg and resulting embryo are healthy and that the body can receive the embryo and sustain a successful pregnancy.  

Natural Fertility – 3x per week the first week, 2x a week for 6 weeks, 1 x a week until you are pregnant. 2x per week for the first trimester. 

Assisted Fertility – 3x per week the first week, 2x a week for 6 weeks, 1 a week until you are pregnant. Once you start with fertility medication prescribed by your fertility doctor, you usually have to stop herbal treatment. This means that we must rely on acupuncture more, so the frequency will increase back to 2 or 3x a week depending on your age, and several other factors. Your Acupuncture Physician will craft your personalized plan during your first treatment.