5 Fall Foods with Suprising Health Benefits

11 Secrets to Lose Weight and Detox

I hear this from a lot of patients. “How do I lose weight?” or “How do I Detox?” Many are frustrated because they already eat what they consider a healthy diet, have been drinking detox drinks, followed a detox program or a week of vegetable juices, and are frustrated because they didn’t lose weight.  There is more to body detoxification … Read more

How To Eat Healthy After Dental Surgery

How to Eat Healthy After Dental Surgery

What to Do After Dental Surgery so That You Don’t Fall off the Health Wagon: Only have cold drinks on the day of surgery Avoid hot drinks, alcohol, and hot or spicy food Eat soft foods for the next several days Although eating meals may be a challenge for the first few days, try to continue to eat nourishing food. … Read more

How Does Telemedicine Work

How Does Telemedicine Work?

Telehealth gives you greater access to healthcare and greater choice in the decisions surrounding your health. Telehealth has become an integral part of modern healthcare. It’s changing the way we approach medical care. How Much Does Seeing a Functional Medicine Doctor Cost? Working with a health expert is an investment in your health that will last you a lifetime.  For … Read more