Who is Fertility Acupuncture For?

Who is Fertility Acupuncture For?

A healthy body makes a healthy baby. Successful embryo transfer is only step 1 of success. Step 2 is to successfully carry your baby to term. Step 3 is to have a healthy delivery with your baby positioned in the correct direction for entry into this world.  We can assist you through every stage of your fertility journey, from trying … Read more

11 Secrets to Losing Weight and Detox

11 Secrets to Lose Weight and Detox

I hear this from a lot of patients. “How do I lose weight?” or “How do I Detox?” Many are frustrated because they already eat what they consider a healthy diet, have been drinking detox drinks, followed a detox program or a week of vegetable juices, and are frustrated because they didn’t lose weight.  There is more to body detoxification … Read more

Does Alcohol Affect your Sleep?

Does Alcohol Affect Your Sleep?

You’re not imagining it if you who’ve noticed that you are not getting as good quality of sleep when you drink, or you may observe that you feel more tired the next day. Sleep disruption is undeniably one of the negative impacts of the effect of alcohol on the body.  Alcohol affects several of your body’s sleep systems. Most notably it: … Read more