Optimize Your Health With 1:1 Virtual Coaching

Stop figuring out how to get healthy on your own or with Dr. Google! We can help you heal from the comfort of your home.

Healing Elephant Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic’s Virtual Coaching is a unique opportunity to receive tailored functional medicine solutions on how to transform your health. You’ll learn about the essential causes of your symptoms, the fundamentals of health-enhancing nutrition, subtle adjustments to lifestyle factors, and how to recognize and moderate stress & more.

We recommend that you start with our initial health consultation and then continue with our 3-month coaching bundle, meeting weekly for three months. 

Patients Who Can Receive Care Through Telemedicine Include:

  • Those with chronic conditions that no one has been able to help
  • Common conditions like insomnia or gut issues
  • Autoimmune conditions, allergies, inflammation or weak immune system
  • Hormone problems
  • Adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and just general fatigue or low energy
  • Women with a wide range of fertility-related issues whether natural or assisted reproductive techniques like IVF and IUI 
  • Preventative medicine and for those who prioritize their health and want to be the healthiest version of themselves
  • Anti-aging medicine for those who wish to biohack their health to live a long BUT healthy life

The sincerest form of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. For you to feel better, something has to shift, and I believe you’re here because you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re ready for a change TODAY!

Hear from our patients

Jason Slagel
Jason Slagel
As a doctor, I'm very careful and picky who I trust with my own care, and Dr. Corbin has consistently blown my mind and helped me navigate so many changes in my health journey that I needed to make. I've sent her patients of my own and multiple of my own family members and trust her clinical expertise. She's very kind and compassionate and absolutely brilliant! Whenever you have questions she has solid answers grounded in years of experience and her deep understanding of the science and research. I'm currently working through a few issues with her now and feel better than I have in years, although I still have some work to do. Thank you so much Dr. Corbin!
Essential Conversations with Caro Henao
Essential Conversations with Caro Henao
I have seen Dr. Corbin for about 3 years and not because I have to see her but I WANT to see her. She helps me catch any imbalances before they become a bigger issue and I have never felt more healthy, vital and joyful. Her knowledge and calm demeanor are exactly what you want from a professional healer.
Laura De Peña de Campos
Laura De Peña de Campos
Dr Corbin is so knowledgeable and thorough. The clinic is beautiful and super clean. Treatment works. I did several months of treatment and unfortunately had to stop only because I moved out of town. After I started Acupuncture there I felt much better and was also able to sleep a lot better. I encourage you to go for treatment and experience high quality care.
Matthew Dugow
Matthew Dugow
Safe, clean atmosphere with an incredible sense of knowledge and professionalism in acupuncture. Dr. Corbin is fantastic.
Thalia Reitkopf
Thalia Reitkopf
Highly recommend! This is a very special office! Dr. Corbin, Veronica, Manny, and all of the practitioners are incredible, kind, and help heal so many people! If you’re considering acupuncture, massage, or any of their services, try it! Very thankful for the Healing Elephant.
Jairo Reyes
Jairo Reyes
La Dra Corbin y su centro de medicina oriental desde la primera consulta para mi esposa descubrió lo que por más de 5 años los médicos tradicionales y sus exámenes de laborarío jamás pudieron detectar; cuáles eran las causas de su insomnio , desbalance de peso, falta de energía, reflujo gástrico y otras lamentables consecuencias por la falta de balance en su organismo. Estamos muy muy agradecidos por haber devuelto a nuestras vidas y nuestro pequeño negocio el bienestar, la energía, el descanso y todas las bendiciones de vivir en balance y armonía con nuestro cuerpo y mente. Muchas gracias 🙏🏼 Dr. Corbin discover from the first consultation what traditional doctors could not find for more than 5 years, giving my wife the peace of mind of being able to sleep naturally, gain energy, stabilize her digestive system and everything else who depends on it. We are very, very grateful for giving back to our home and small business the well-being, balance, and energy necessary to truly begin reaping all the blessings that can come when a person is in true balance and harmony with their body and life. Congratulations also to her very professional and competent staff. Thank you very much 🙏🏼
Isabel Tassara
Isabel Tassara
Love it. super recommended place
Christina Suarez
Christina Suarez
I received Acupuncture with Dr. Brockmeyer last week. The office is tranquil and spotless. There are several treatment rooms. The one I was in had a very comfortable electric massage table outfitted with the Biomat! If you aren't familiar with Biomat, look it up... it's a brilliant negative ion and amethyst mat with infrared heat. So relaxing! The Acu needles were placed and I was left to rest peacefully. I recommend this office on all levels. Dr. Brockmeyer is so knowledgeable and welcoming. 5 stars!
Gianpaolo Mosconi
Gianpaolo Mosconi
Dr. Brockmeyer is experienced, knowledgeable and natural healer. She took the time to get to know what things were affecting me and throughout the session kept me informed as to what was taking place and what I should do after the treatment. A truly great experience and I will be going back again and again. Will be recommending to all my family and friends! Thank You so much Dr. Brockmeyer!!!
Katie Kipnis
Katie Kipnis
Wonderful and relaxing clinic. Alyssa is experienced, knowledgeable and has a natural healing touch. I was able to express what my issues are and feel like I was truly heard. A truly great experience and I will be going back again and again.

Start Your Tailored Health Plan Today!

Your experience as a virtual patient starts with a consultation with double board Chinese Medicine Physician, Ronel Corbin.

Book Initial Consultation

Step 1:

Please contact us: 305 306 6566 or book online to schedule your initial consultation.

During your initial virtual visit, your Chinese Medicine Physician will learn:

  • Your health history
  • Your current health challenges
  • Your future health goals

Inside Virtual Coaching

Step 2:

In our 3-month coaching sessions,
we will work on:

  • Essential causes of your symptoms
  • Fundamentals of health-enhancing nutrition
  • Make subtle adjustments to lifestyle factors
  • Learn how to recognize and moderate stress and more

Your Aftercare

Step 3:

From our sessions together, we will develop an aftercare treatment plan that includes a combination of:

  • Herbal supplements and a nutritional guide
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Mindset shifts