Does Alcohol Affect your Sleep?

Does Alcohol Affect Your Sleep?

You’re not imagining it if you who’ve noticed that you are not getting as good quality of sleep when you drink, or you may observe that you feel more tired the next day. Sleep disruption is undeniably one of the negative impacts of the effect of alcohol on the body.  Alcohol affects several of your body’s sleep systems. Most notably it: … Read more

Wake Up Feeling Tired? Here's How to Fix Things

Wake Up Feeling Tired? Here’s How to Fix Things

Do you wake up and still feel tired? This is one of the most frequent frustrations our patients initially convey when we discuss health concerns on intake forms at our clinic in Miami Shores. The reason why you may be waking tired is most likely unique to you and will require troubleshooting by one of our physicians. There are, however, … Read more

10 Habits to Improve Your Sleep

10 Habits to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is like million dollar medicine for your body. Second, only to fix digestion, I consider this one of the biggest priorities to resolve in order to have better health and gain more energy. Fixing this one thing will impact almost every area of your life, making you more productive, generally happier, and more joyful to be around. For optimal … Read more