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Women’s Health

Women’s health needs evolve across our lifespan. It’s important to choose healthcare providers who consider your overall health when caring for you at every stage of your life. To help you maintain your health and promote a lifestyle of wellness, the highly qualified team at Healing Elephant will work together to provide care that is safe and effective, proactive and preventive

Whether your health care starts with an integrative medicine telephone consult or an in-person primary care visit, we look forward to partnering with you to listen to your health concerns, uncovering the root causes of any life challenges, and providing personalized care. 

Integrative Medicine Women’s Health Consults

Our integrative medicine consult explores the whole spectrum of options to manage your unique women’s health needs. Integrative consults are useful for overall care for women because they focus on uncovering the causes behind women’s health issues rather than treating symptoms. We’ll consider family history and health conditions, as well as health habits, while we collaborate to uncover why issues, such as hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, or chronic pain are impacting your daily life.

A comprehensive women’s health consultation starts with an extensive history and appropriate evaluation including lab tests and functional medicine tests. Treatment recommendations will offer a range of options, such as acupuncture, herbs, dietary supplements, nutrition, and mind-body methods.  

Women are magnificently unique creatures designed to do great things. If you aren’t feeling so magnificent today it is most likely because of an imbalance in your delicate hormonal system.

Hormonal issues could be the cause of many of the symptoms that are making you suffer daily. Ranging from mood changes, lack of energy, and brain fog, to unwanted weight shifts, skin problems, and gut issues.  

We work with you to help you learn how to take control of your hormones and your general health so that you can truly celebrate the goddess within you. So that you can return to the thriving version of yourself that your friends and family love.

Integrative Treatments

At Healing Elephant, we help you learn how to take control of your hormones and your general health through a variety of treatment options.

Gut Healing Course in 8 Easy Steps

This 12-week online course provides the tools to heal your stomach challenges like:

When digestion is poor, your body will be malnourished which weakens your ability to heal from chronic pain. This course will give you the most effective tools to heal your stomach issues. Learn about the ancient secrets from traditional Chinese medicine that have been healing digestive issues for more than 3000 years.

In this course, Dr. Ronel Corbin, A.P., Dipl O.M., will guide you through the golden rules to heal your stomach like our clinical secrets, how to use food as medicine, and what to have for meals including healthy snacks, and natural remedies.


A Step-by-Step
Online Course

Heal Your Stomach in 12 Weeks

A Holistic Physician shares her proven method in 8 easy steps.

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