5 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Learn the healthy habits you can use to boost your immune system.

Quick fixes are not the answer when seeking ways to boost your immunity or increase your protection against infection.

Your immune system operates in a very delicate balance. It must be strong and sophisticated enough to fight off a variety of illnesses and infections, but not so strong that it overreacts unnecessarily.

A few simple changes to your habits can go a long way in boosting your immune health. Here are 5 tips from Dr Corbin to boost your body’s natural defenses. 

Improve indoor air quality 

With the cooler weather and increased time spent indoors gathering with loved ones pay attention to cleaning your air. Researchers found that air pollution can suppress the immune system’s natural functions and was linked to causing a greater severity of lower lung capacity. Being indoors for extended periods of time increase your exposure to a higher bacterial and viral load. By using an air purifier you can decrease the chance that one of these opportunistic bugs makes its way into your body causing a respiratory infection. 

You will appreciate the health benefits of using an air purifier like one of these from Winix. Available from Amazon or directly from Winix.

Eat yellow foods

Yellow benefits the Spleen and Stomach organ system, the Earth element. The Spleen and Stomach are the organs seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine to be the main ones responsible for effective digestion and immune function.

The spleen plays a vital role in regulating red blood cell metabolism. It also plays a regulatory role in our immune systems. Red blood cells deliver oxygen to the body, and the immune system protects us from infections and diseases. The importance of both systems for immune function goes without saying.

Sometimes we can forget that one of the most natural ways to boost our immune system is through the food we eat. Most yellow foods nourish the spleen, boost your mood and contain bioflavonoids, carotenoids and vitamin C.

Best yellow foods for healthy diet:

  • Pumpkin
  • Delicata Squash
  • Sweet Potato
  • Lemons
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric

Sleep your way to health

Plenty of Sleep and immunity are closely tied.

During sleep the body undergoes an extensive cell repair and renewal process. Plenty of good quality sleep will ensure the immune response from our immune system is robust.

In fact, inadequate or poor quality sleep is linked to a higher susceptibility to sickness. Aim to get at last 6 to 8 hours of restful sleep. Follow a sleep schedule and try to get the same amount of quality sleep every night.

If you suffer from inadequate sleep, don’t hesitate to see Dr Corbin as she excels at helping patients to improve their sleep so that they are less susceptible to infection. 

Sunlight – Vit D bottled in a sunbeam

Sunlight is natures natural healer. Go outside when possible and adsorb as much vit D as you can, your body mind and spirit will all benefit. Get 30 minutes first thing in the morning is the most ideal so that it resets your circadian rhythm which in turn communicates to your entire physiology that it is day time.  

The human body needs sunlight to help increase the production of vitamin D in the body. This sunlight is the primary source of natural vitamin D, while very little comes from food. Vitamin D also has immunomodulatory effects that can improve the body’s immune system. 

Favor getting Vit D naturally and not from a Vitamin D supplement. 

Eat a variety of immunity boosting plants

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to assure you are getting enough nutrients is to eat a wide variety of plant foods. If you aren’t consuming variety, reassess your food choices! By eating all the colors of the rainbow and including both cooked and raw vegetables in your diet, you ensure the consumption of an abundance of nutrients and essential vitamins.

The antioxidants in these foods help decrease inflammation by combatting unstable compounds called free radicals, which can cause inflammation when they build up in your body in high levels.

Meanwhile, the fiber in plant foods feeds your gut microbiome, or the community of healthy bacteria in your gut. A robust gut microbiome can improve your immunity and help keep harmful pathogens from entering your body via your digestive tract.

Furthermore, fruits and vegetables are foods rich in nutrients like vitamin C, which may reduce the duration of the common cold.